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Historic Preservation Report

Historic preservation is often defined as the process of identifying, protecting, and enhancing buildings, places, and objects of historical and cultural significance1. This process includes: the identification and evaluation of historical, architectural, and cultural resources in an area; development of planning and legal measures to protect these resources; and the allocation of public and private funding for the design, rehabilitation, and/or adaptive use of historic structures along with ongoing maintenance. This section outlines the importance of historic structures and areas, how they can be protected through designation, a county inventory of historic properties, places, or structures, and how to plan for the protection and preservation of Kenton County’s historical resources.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is in the top ranks for protection and preservation of recognized historic communities and neighborhoods. Kentucky ranks fifth in the nation in total listings on the National Register of Historic Places with 3,492 individual listings2. In addition, the Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC) through the Kentucky Historic Resources Survey is actively documenting historic places across the Commonwealth. This information is cataloged in the Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory (KHRI) database, which currently documents over 100,000 buildings, sites, and other structures5.

Historic properties are cultural resources that provide more benefits than merely preserving the past for future generations to experience and enjoy. They provide economic development and tourism opportunities that otherwise may not exist. Preservation efforts can give new life to communities by restoring the richness of the past and attracting new residents and businesses.