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How to Apply

Below is an outline of a map/text amendment, subdivision, cell tower and Chapter 99 public facility. This is only a brief overview and not legal advice. For legal advice please consult an attorney.

Map amendment KRS100.207

A map amendment is the change of an area from one or multiple zoning districts to a different zoning district or districts. For example, a map amendment might change a property from a residential zone to a commercial zone. The property owner, local jurisdiction or the Planning Commission can apply for a map amendment.

The Planning Commission’s staff at PDS can assist you with making an application. Contact Andy Videkovich, AICP, Current Planning Manager at 859.331.8980 and schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the proposed changes. Please prepare a concept plan before your meeting. Development plans are usually required with a map amendment when rezoning to a multi-family, commercial or industrial zone. Please contact your local zoning administrator or refer to the appropriate zoning ordinance to determine applicability. If a development plan is required, see the definitions for Stage I and Stage II development plans for specific requirements.

Text amendment KRS100.207

A text amendment is a change of the regulations within the zoning ordinance. Applications for text amendments can only be submitted by the local jurisdiction or the Planning Commission. If you are a citizen and would like your legislative body to submit a text amendment on your behalf, please contact your legislative body.

Process for Map and Text Amendments KRS 100.211

Staff will review proposed map and text amendments, provide a written report and make a recommendation to the Planning Commission to either approve or deny the proposed map and text amendments. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and take testimony from staff, the applicant and the public before making a favorable or unfavorable recommendation for the proposed zoning changes. Recommendations are sent on to local officials in the jurisdiction where the site is located. These local officials will have the final say to adopt or deny proposed changes to the zoning code.

Subdivision KRS100.111(22), KRS100.277

Generally, a subdivision is the division of a parcel of land into two or more lots or parcels. A subdivision includes any division of land regardless of the intended use. Anyone proposing a subdivision is required to submit an application and receive approval from the Kenton County Planning Commission. Staff reviews all subdivision applications and issues all subdivision approvals. Minor subdivision applications propose only the division of land and contain no new public infrastructure such as new streets or utilities. Major subdivision applications propose both the division of land and contain new public infrastructure such as new streets or utilities. The proposal to create a major subdivision requires attendance at a pre-application meeting between the applicant, staff, elected officials and other regulatory agencies prior to submittal of a major subdivision application.

Subdivision Waivers

The Planning Commission may grant waivers of subdivision regulations to allow some flexibility when unique issues are encountered. Applications to waive these regulations are required to be submitted to staff 28 days prior to the Planning Commission’s regularly scheduled public hearings. Staff will review the application and provide a written report to the Planning Commission that outlines the submitted waiver request, provides a recommended action, and the basis for their recommendation. The Planning Commission will discuss the request at the public hearing and will typically take action immediately following the discussion to approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the request. The criteria considered when granting subdivision waivers is listed on the waiver application form.

Contact staff member, Steve Lilly, PLS, GISP, CPII, Subdivision Regulations Administrator at 859.331.8980 with any questions regarding minor or major subdivision applications and subdivision waivers.

Cell Tower KRS100.987

All new cellular towers require approval through the Kenton County Planning Commission or administrative staff, including small cell towers (Under 50’). For assistance with your application, contact staff member, Andy Videkovich, AICP, Current Planning Manager at 859.331.8980.

Chapter 99, Public Facilities Review KRS100.324

Per KRS 100.324, the KCPC will review proposals for disposition, acquisition or development of land for public facilities and advise the referring body whether the project is in accordance with the comprehensive plan. For assistance, contact staff member, Andy Videkovich, AICP, Current Planning Manager at 859.331.8980.