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Map Amendment KRS100.207

A map amendment is the change of an area from one or multiple zoning districts to a different zoning district or districts. For example, a map amendment might change a property from a residential zone to a commercial zone. The property owner, local jurisdiction or the Planning Commission can apply for a map amendment.

The Planning Commission’s staff at PDS can assist you with making an application. Contact Andy Videkovich, AICP, Current Planning Manager at 859.331.8980 and schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the proposed changes. Please prepare a concept plan before your meeting. Development plans are usually required with a map amendment when rezoning to a multi-family, commercial or industrial zone. Please contact your local zoning administrator or refer to the appropriate zoning ordinance to determine applicability. If a development plan is required, see the definitions for Stage I and Stage II development plans for specific requirements.

Process for Map Amendments KRS 100.211

Staff will review proposed map amendments, provide a written report and make a recommendation to the Planning Commission to either approve or deny the proposed map amendment. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and take testimony from staff, the applicant and the public before making a favorable or unfavorable recommendation for the proposed zoning changes. Recommendations are sent on to local officials in the jurisdiction where the site is located. These local officials will have the final say to adopt or deny proposed changes to the zoning code.