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GoToMeeting instructions for the November 5th Virtual Public Hearing.

Until further notice, meetings will be held online. Please refer to these Instructions for watching and participating

Public hearings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:15 PM.

The Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky provides videos of KCPC meetings in the On Demand section of the TBNK website.

Agendas and public notices are available two weeks prior to the meeting. Staff reports, site plans and related materials are typically available one week before the meeting and are listed below.

FILE NUMBER:  PC2009-0002     Staff Report
APPLICANT: City of Crescent Springs per George Ripberger, Zoning Administrator
LOCATION: 100 Crisler Avenue; an area of approximately 0.97 acres located on the east and north side of Crisler Avenue and southwest of Grandview Drive, approximately 113 feet east of Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs.
REQUEST: A proposed map amendment to the Crescent Springs Ordinance changing the described area from MLU (a mixed land use zone) to MC (a mixed commercial zone).

FILE NUMBER:  PC2010-0001     Staff Report
APPLICANT: City of Park Hills per Kathy Zembrodt, Mayor 
REQUEST: A proposed text amendment to the Park Hills Zoning Ordinance amending the requirements for surfacing of new off-street parking to include provisions for alternative pervious paving systems.  

FILE NUMBER:  PC2010-0002     Staff Report
APPLICANT: City of Taylor Mill per Brian Haney, City Administrative Officer
REQUEST: Proposed text amendments to the Taylor Mill Zoning Ordinance: (1) allowing main building entrances in all DTM (Downtown Taylor Mill) Zones to be located on any façade of the building; (2) requiring a secondary entrance in all DTM Zones to be located on all street facing façades when the main entrance is not on a street facing façade; (3) amending the minimum front yard depth in the DTM-2, DTM-3, & DTM-4 Zones to a 15 foot minimum setback from the edge of pavement; and (4) reducing the minimum building height in the DTM-3 Zone from 30 feet to 24 feet.

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