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Land Use Report


Understanding the existing land use within the county allows the evaluation of current conditions of the county. This can be helpful to analyze long-term trends, to determine if past policy decisions are effective or to determine if completely new policies should be explored especially in a post Covid-19 world. This is especially important since Kenton County’s population has increased 6.1% from 2010 to 20201. The trends in land use also partially assist with transportation, community facilities, and utilities planning. 

Figure 1 is a map of the existing land uses within Kenton County2. These include commercial/retail sales/services, agricultural, single-family residential, two-family residential, multi-family residential, HOA/common area, office, institutional, industrial, recreation/open space, transportation/communication/utilities, and right of way/vacant. Furthermore, the county is separated into different sub areas (see Figure 2) to further understand the land uses within the county2. The sub areas within the county are first ring suburban, rural, suburban, and urban. Each land use will be discussed based on the sub area location below.